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Market Insights To Manage People Related Costs

People related costs are the expenses that are incurred due to employee’s absence from work. These include salary, bonuses, allowances and other benefits. All these are classified as direct expenses and indirect ones.

Direct expenses include wages paid to employees; overtime pay; shift differential; benefits like health insurance, life insurance, old age pension etc.; taxes paid directly by employers such as income tax and social security taxes; deductions made for travel or transportation expenses made by employees for their own use during duty hours. The indirect ones include health care premiums for dependents of employees who are not covered by insurance; uniforms and other clothing worn by employees; overhead costs such as furniture, equipment depreciation etc.; rent on office space occupied by an employer; cost of maintaining a telephone call center where employees can access information regarding their jobs as well as other facilities and services provided by the company to its employees.

One of the major advantages of using Gokundu has been its ability to provide accurate data in a very short period of time which is important especially when it comes to managing people related costs

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