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What Do Employee Engagement Surveys Tell You About Employee?

Employee engagement surveys are a great way to get a pulse on your employees’ feelings and behaviors. You can use these insights to better understand what motivates your employees, how they feel about their work environment, and more.

The following are some interesting findings from employee engagement surveys:

10% of employees would leave their current job if given the chance. This is a surprisingly high number given that most people would rather not change jobs. It’s important to remember that these results represent only those who have been surveyed and could be biased by different opinions among other employees.

40% of employees are interested in joining another company within the next year. Considering that there are millions of companies in the U.S., this statistic is huge! A lot of companies don’t know what they have on their hands when it comes to employee retention, so this data can help them make improvements or changes as needed.

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